Should You Buy Duplicate Guitar Pedals?

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Should You Buy Duplicate Pedals Featured

Should You Buy Duplicate Guitar Pedals?

Historically I was quite opposed to buying duplicate pedals because I always thought it was better to have something a little different than two of the same thing. However, that changed when I was looking for a light overdrive to make the clean channel of my amp sound like the amp was providing the gain. TC Electronic’s Spark Booster was on sale, so I bought another while the sale was still running as I have 2 pedalboards. Obviously, tuners and loopers don’t count as both my boards run TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini, Noir and the Ditto looper.

My current dilemma is my TC Electronic Corona Chorus and Mini version. I think the mini looks weird amongst standard size pedals and the power on the side is kind of a pain now that I’m running the power from the One Control Chamaeleo Tail Loop MKII loop switcher. I like the standard size Corona, but do I want to buy a second one? It’s certainly one of the cheapest chorus pedals I know I will like, but what if I’m missing out on another great chorus by not pushing the boat out?

One option is the Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone, I used to own one but got rid of it because I hate EHX’s switches, but now I have a loop switcher it’s no longer a problem. Another consideration is the MXR Uni-Vibe Chorus Vibrato as that seems quite boat-pushy, although a bit pricey for a pedal I would only use occasionally. Alternatively, I could replace the TC Electronic The Dreamscape that I stupidly sold to get the Corona Mini in the first place.

The other pedal I’m analysing is the Mesa Boogie Throttle Box. Because I have 2 boards, I need another standard-sized distortion pedal that I really like, but I’m struggling to get past the Throttle Box as I’ve not heard anything I like as much yet. Apparently, there is a very fine line between a great high gain distortion pedal and a true bypass wasp in a jar.

The above 2 conundra are perfect examples of why I created this website in the first place. I need to know what my options are to make informed choices while trying not to waste money.

I’m not convinced that duplicate pedals are the answer long-term for anything other than tuners and loopers; especially if the pedals in question are expensive. As both of my amplifiers are very different, unfortunately not all pedals sound good through both of them. Plus I’m still trying to figure out a way to recombine my 2 pedalboards into 1 and run both my amps (one single channel and the other dual-channel with an FX loop) from it without having to swap cables. Maybe it’s possible with some expensive gear I haven’t discovered yet. Or maybe I should be happy that having 2 pedalboards means I get to own twice as many pedals. More is more after all.

Leave a comment below if you have any duplicate pedals; I’d be genuinely interested in which pedals are worth duplicating and why.

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  • Denny Reply

    I’m always looking for something new. JHS’ YouTube channel is a great resource for pedal info and I’m sure he’s done a video on chorus. I highly recommend trying out something new. When in doubt, start with Boss. Cheap, indestructible and classic. I personally like the MXR choruses. That ugly Zak Wylde chorus is just slightly better than the blue MXR. Either would also be a good addition. I just recently filled a Danelectro Cool Cat 18v hole in my board. It’s been empty for years since I sold mine foolishly. Nails that 80’s processed chorus. Anyway best of luck to you!

    20 June 2020 at 11:28 AM

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