How did Pedals At Dawn start? It’s kind of a long story…

After a few years break from playing guitar, I bought a new guitar, my amp started to die and my ears decided my distortion pedal sounded like a wasp in jar.

So I got a new amp and another guitar and a couple of pedals. Then sold them all and bought different stuff. This was the beginning of my journey for tone.

I actually bought quite a few pedals and sold them on again chasing down a tone I couldn’t quantify. But pulling the trigger on pedals and not liking them after a couple of months was getting expensive.

Fast forward to 2013 and I started to wonder if I needed a Phaser pedal; but I had no idea if I wanted true bypass or buffered, analog or digital, or if I wanted one at all. So I went hunting for my options. Eventually I got bored jumping from site to site and ending up with more questions than answers.

Long story short – I created a Pedal Database to help me make my decision about a Phaser pedal. I wanted to literally see all my options and be able to narrow it down based on common specs.

I still haven’t decided on a Phaser pedal… I think I’m struggling to justify the price tag for a (predominantly) one knob pedal that you set once and will likely never alter. Or perhaps the one I want doesn’t exist yet. Or maybe I’ll just get another fuzz…