The Dispatch Master is a hi-fi digital Delay & Reverb Device that combines independent delay and reverb effects into one space-saving enclosure, so you can keep deep ambient echoes (or just a quick slapback) on speed-dial.

The best-selling EarthQuaker Devices pedal just got bester [sic] with new Flexi-Switch® Technology! Want to dip into ambient delay and reverb sounds for just one note? Press and hold the footswitch for as long as you use the effect, release it when you’re finished, and resume your regularly scheduled dry sound. To use the Dispatch Master as a normal effects pedal, press the switch once to activate and again to bypass.

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  1. 3 out of 5


    This is a great sounding pedal. The reason for only 3 stars is because in my experience it’s best suited to a single channel amp scenario where it’s run in front of the amp (not in an fx loop) and dirt pedals are used in front of the dispatch master. I was disappointed that the dispatch master had an unacceptable level of background noise in the fx loop of my Mesa Mini Rec, which makes it kinda pointless as even though I could run it in front of the Mesa, I couldn’t use 2nd channel for dirt as it sounded awful. But as I said, the dispatch master sounds epic with dirt pedals in front of the amp, and if this is your requirement you shouldn’t be disappointed.

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Last updated on 26 October 2022 10:24 AM