Review: TC Electronic PolyTune Noir

Review: TC Electronic PolyTune Noir

TC Electronic PolyTune Noir Front

Originally intended to be a limited edition run, the TC Electronic PolyTune Noir is now part of TC’s main pedal line up due to unrelenting requests from the guitar community.

Despite the small footprint, PolyTune Noir still delivers PolyPhonic tuning, lightning-fast response, and an ultra-bright display. MonoPoly technology detects whether you play one or multiple strings and automatically switches between Chromatic and Polyphonic tuning modes with Drop-D and Capo tunings a setting change away. Plus the ultra-bright LED Matrix ensures optimal visibility at all times.

So how does it differ from the PolyTune Mini? It’s black. Is that it? Yep.

Although designed in Denmark, the PolyTune Noir is actually manufactured in Thailand. Miniaturizing the chassis from the original PolyTune Classic meant losing the battery compartment, so a power supply is mandatory but not included. However, the rugged design and feel remain despite its petite form.

In use, the intuitive LED display is bright and easy to read with a dynamic response. If you’re not keen on the new PolyTune method, the PolyTune Noir’s Chromatic tuner will let you tune old school as switching between the two modes is totally automatic. Drop-D tuning mode is also only a stomp away by holding down the true bypass footswitch for three seconds.

TC Electronic PolyTune Noir Side

Apart from that, you only have one little button to worry about and this is used to cycle through the different tuning modes of which several Dropped (Eb, D, Db, C, B) and Capo (F 1, Gb 2, G 3, Ab 4, A 5, Bb 6, B 7) modes are offered. However, the power connector is on the right-hand side (unlike its big brother that has it at the top) which is the trade-off for the small footprint – but depending on which way you run your cables, it might be worth considering wiring vs pedalboard real estate.

As far as style is concerned, the black paint job looks great and some will probably prefer not to have their tuner be a focal point on their pedalboard. Another plus is the sealed box it ships in, which includes two rubber feet should you wish to attach them.

PolyTune Noir is such a well thought out, feature-packed pedal it’s almost impossible to fault it – especially at this price point. So if space is an issue but you can spare a 9V spot on your daisy chain, definitely check this one out.

Technical Specifications


Brand:TC Electronic
Model:PolyTune Noir
Features:· Polyphonic / Chromatic
· +/- 0.5 cent accuracy
· Drop-D & Capo tuning
Power:9V DC only
Draw:40mA (typical use)
Dimensions:51mm x 93mm x 45mm
Designed In:Denmark
Price:$89 / £69 / €79
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