Review: Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive PCB

Review: Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive PCB

Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Front

There has always been a lot of buzz around the Sweet Honey Overdrive and for good reason. Since Mad Professor started producing Printed Circuit Board (PCB) versions of their Hand-Wired pedals, these boutique beauties are even more obtainable.

Designed by Björn Juhl (BJFE) and manufactured by Mad Professor in Finland, the Sweet Honey Overdrive PCB is a touch-sensitive low gain overdrive pedal with a unique Focus control that lets you adjust the feel and dynamics of the pedal as well as overall EQ.

Housed in a metal enclosure, the Sweet Honey Overdrive PCB feels as rugged as you’d expect. There is a 9V battery compartment that you can only access by removing the 4 screws in the base plate and the 9V power is located on the right-hand side.

Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Tilt

While the Volume and Drive controls are self-explanatory; the Focus knob controls how easily the circuit distorts as well as adjusting overall EQ. Turning counterclockwise gives less distortion and a mellow effect, turning clockwise gives a slight treble boost and earlier distortion. Mad Professor says a good starting point is 11 o’clock.

While the Sweet Honey Overdrive PCB doesn’t ‘djent’, it does suit blues and rock genres really well. Whether you’re a single coil or humbucker fan, this pedal will sound great with any rig. Obviously the choice (or budget) is up to you whether you want to shell out extra for the Hand-Wired version, but the PCB version simply sounds amazing and this one is definitely a keeper.

Technical Specifications


Brand:Mad Professor
Model:Sweet Honey Overdrive PCB
Features:· Low Gain Overdrive
· Touch Sensitive
· True Bypass
Power:9V Battery / 7.5V-18V DC
Draw:5mA (typical use)
Dimensions:69mm x 111mm x 50mm
Designed In:Finland
Price:$169 / £149 / €169
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