Pedalboards – Maximising Space

Maximising Pedalboard Space

Pedalboards – Maximising Space

If you own a lot of pedals, your pedalboard is probably full and the rest of your pedals spend their lives in a drawer somewhere, never to see the light of day again. Regardless of pedalboard size, it’s probably at least one pedal space short of utopia. So is there a way to claw back wasted space or should you give in and buy a bigger board?

Option 1: Slim patch cables

There are a few low profile patch cables available from manufacturers such as Lava Cable, Hosa Technology, and EBS. The slimline jacks allow pedals to be placed closer together and depending on your budget, you should be able to find something suitable.

Option 2: Jack connectors

If you have several pedals from the same manufacturer, jack connectors might be the answer. Just make sure they don’t put any pressure on your pedal inputs/outputs – some pedals can arc away from the floor if you use connectors to chain them together. If the pedals don’t sit flat unassisted or the jacks are mounted to the PCB (not the enclosure), use a cable instead.

Option 3: Mini pedals

The range of mini pedals these days is pretty extensive. Potentially light on features compared to their bigger brothers, but if you have a pedal that is ‘set and forget’, perhaps replacing it with a mini version would also give you extra space for yet another mini pedal.

Option 4: Pedalboards

What if you’re already using a combination of the above or they’re simply not for you? You can always revisit your choice of pedalboard or add another one. Perhaps consider separating ‘Effects Loop’ pedals from ‘Front of Amp’ pedals and have 2 pedalboards. Or have a big board for home/studio use and a more travel-friendly board for gigging.

Option 5: Custom pedalboards

Custom pedalboard builders will be able to build your dream pedalboard so you don’t have to worry about how you can get all your favorite pedals onto a single board. If you can recommend a company in your country, please leave a comment below.

The more you can optimize pedal board real estate, the more pedals you can have. And more is always more.

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