Guitar Gigbags That Don’t Suck

Guitar Gigbags That Don’t Suck

I bought my first PRS SE back in 2006. It was a grey black Custom 22 with a stoptail, slab body and half moon inlays and a grey PRS SE gigbag. This was honestly one of the best guitar gigbags I’d ever seen. It had 25mm of padding, a practical sized front pocket and sensibly placed carry points. Best of all, it was grey! And then PRS ruined them by making them red. I was very torn when I came to sell the guitar as I really wanted to keep the case, but alas they were a set and I had to let it go.

And then PRS ruined them further by making them brown. Still, colour choice aside, the PRS gigbags are still the best guitar gigbags included with any of my guitar purchases, ever. They really made my guitars with hard cases seem like a total pain in the ass for home use.

Then I bought a Fender MIM Tele. This guitar didn’t come with a gigbag so the hunt was on to find the next best gigbag without spending stupid money. A few years ago, Fender had the Metro gigbag for Strats and Teles and it had 25mm of padding and came in black. Sorted. So I bought 2, just in case, which was fortuitous as I had one to hand when I bought my Schecter. And then Fender ruined it by discontinuing the Metro model and replacing with a lesser padded and less universal gigbag (with the strat/tele angle headstock bit and weird shaped front pocket). So later when I purchased another Schecter without a gigbag, I searched everywhere online for any remaining stock of the Fender Metro, but they were all gone.

Back to the drawing board I went, as its kinda hard to get a good gigbag for under £50 that isn’t as ugly as sin. I eventually settled on the Gator 4G series. Its a little narrower and taller than my other guitar gigbags and only has 20mm of padding, but it was perfect for the longer neck of my 7 string. And while the carry points aren’t quite as good (lacks the front handle), the embroidered logo actually looks quite nice in reality, and the pocket zip tag doubles as a pick holder. So the Gator 4G is currently my gigbag of choice and like most things, its cheaper from Amazon.

If you have a suggestion for decent guitar gigbags (in this price range) that I’m not aware of, leave a comment, because more is more.

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