Pedal Boards – Velcro Alternatives

Pedal Boards – Velcro Alternatives

Today’s pedal board market has a wide variety of choices. Perhaps what’s not so clear is, what are your options if you’re not ready to commit to velcro? The reasons for not wanting to use velcro on your pedal boards may vary from not wanting to effect future pedal value to extreme conditions that adversely effect the velcro’s grip. Whatever the motive, it’s a question worth asking – even if the answer leads you back to velcro.

Option 1: Don’t use anything

Boss and Behringer offer different types of pedal boards. These are fairly cost-effective, all in one solutions that provide power and patch cables as well as protecting your pedals with an egg foam lined lid. They all have removable foam inserts for pedals of the same brand, but other pedals of a standard size will likely fit too. Or if you ignore the foam inserts you can be creative with signal chain placements.

Option 2: Zip ties

Want to use zip ties? Chemistry Design Werks have you covered with their range of Holeyboard pedal boards. Made in the USA with CNC machined ¾” Baltic Birch ply for the decks and Aircraft-grade 6061 Aluminum for the Risers.

Option 3: Bike chain

Stompsters were originally created for bike chain links. Attach Stompsters to your pedal then screw the Stompsters down to your pedal board. You get 20 Stompsters in a packet which is enough hardware to cover 5 pedals. Compatible with most (but not all) pedals.

Option 4: Boots

Pedalboots® are the revolutionary solution for guitarists to fix and interchange effect pedals, midi controller, power supplies and foot switches on their pedal boards without using adhesive tape. Simply attach the Pedalboot to your board and snugly fit your pedal into the rubber mount. Made in Austria, there are several designs for popular pedal models as well as a universal design for large boutique pedals or power supplies.

As you can see, there are indeed alternatives to velcro if you look hard enough. While these options may or may not be what you’re looking for, innovation is inevitable. So check back for potential updates.

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