Discover: Fred Brum

Fred Brum

Discover: Fred Brum

Some say Vai, some say Satch, but my favourite guitarist of all time? Fred Brum.

In Portugal, Fred is a very busy session musician. Favouring 7 and 8 strings, as well as extended range guitars, Fred’s musical style is in a league of its own.

Of his two instrumental metal albums, Atonement (2012) and Transcendence (2014), I honestly can’t choose a favorite. For a guitarist with such immense technical skill, Fred’s music is both heavy and soulful. Which is perfect playlist material for things that require focus, like work or study. Some tracks also feature other great guitarists such as Carlos Santana on ‘Flying Adventure Bus’ and Rob Chapman on ‘Nebula‘.

Even if you think instrumental music isn’t for you, Fred might just change your mind.

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